Marketing opportunities for businesses:


PMEDC Business Directory

All Pitt Meadows businesses with a business license are invited to be profiled in our Pitt Meadows Business Directory.Not listed yet? Email EDinfo@thinkpittmeadows.ca to let us know the name of your business so we can create your business profile.

Social Media

Set up and regularly maintain a company profile on social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram. We would be happy to direct you to some resources to help you decide which of these is best suited to your marketing strategy.

Business Introductions

Introduce your services to other local businesses. Drop off your business card and flyers in person so they can put a face to a business name. Also be sure to drop by our PMEDC office to introduce yourself.


Networking opportunities arise often in Pitt Meadows. Regular groups meet weekly and the Ridge Meadows Chamber of Commerce offers networking events several times each year.


Post flyers on community bulletin boards and at businesses that could use your services.


Creative marketing partnerships are some of the most successful marketing strategies. Perhaps a neighbouring business would be a good fit to share advertising dollars with. Seek out like-minded or industry-related businesses and reach out to form mutually supportive business relationships.

Centennial Celebrations

Get involved in the City’s Centennial celebrations. There will be some great opportunities for businesses to get involved in 2014. Contact our office to discuss the possibilities.

If you are looking for direction with any of the above mentioned marketing opportunities, please contact us anytime.