For Consumers

Shop Local Pitt Meadows is about promoting and supporting local businesses. It's about keeping more of your hard-earned money in Pitt Meadows to encourage job growth and to build a greater sense of community.

Take the Pledge

It's been proven that 'Shop Local' campaigns really do work. 'Take the Pledge' to Shop Local Pitt Meadows. Together, we can make a difference. 

How can I find a Pitt Meadows business?

All Pitt Meadows businesses with an active business licence can be found in our business directory.

Why should I shop local?

Preserve local character and prosperity. Pitt Meadows is unlike any other city in the world. By choosing to support local businesses, you help maintain Pitt Meadows' distinct nature. Where we shop, eat and play makes our community home - and a home that others want to see, so tourism benefits too! When you shop local you help create jobs, promotes community development and strengthens the economic base of the community.

Keep dollars in the community. Local businesses tend to hire locally, creating jobs and recycling local dollars.

Support community groups. Local businesses give five times more per dollar of revenue to groups in their community. - LOCO BC

Invest in the community. Local businesses are often owned by people who live in the community, are less likely to leave and are often quite involved in the community.

Support entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship fuels economic innovation and prosperity and contributes to resilient communities.

Better service. People that live and work local often have a better understanding of consumer needs and take more time to get to know their customers.

Reduced footprint for both consumers and businesses. Local businesses allow both consumers and businesses to make more local purchases that generally require less transportation and reduced impacts on the environment.

Have some other reasons why Pitt Meadows residents and businesses should shop local? Send your suggestions our way by email our way or give us a call at 604.465.9481.