Our purpose, values and guiding principles set the course for what we are here to accomplish, ensuring our daily efforts are consistently working within and towards achieving our mandate.

Our Purpose

Dedicated to creating an inspiring, client-centered environment where business is vibrant and entrepreneurs build legacies.

Our Values

  • Innovation – Bring creativity and ingenuity to the workplace
  • Problem Solving – We work to find solutions and overcome obstacles
  • Collaboration – Working together we get more done
  • Follow-though – We can be counted on to get the job done
  • Planning – The best way to predict the future is to create it

Our Guiding Principles

  • Envisioning and facilitating opportunity
  • Supporting and inspiring entrepreneurial activity
  • Balancing the urban and rural nature of Pitt Meadows
  • Being a place where people can truly live, work and play
  • Involving volunteers and residents in business events and activities
  • Being the best place to do business
  • Mediating positive solutions and balancing competing interests

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