Pitt Meadows offers some of the richest agricultural land in Canada, generating considerable value from blueberries, dairy, nursery stock and greenhouse crops. Not only are the products we offer diverse, but so are the size and scale of farms in Pitt Meadows. If you are looking for a small start-up farm or to partner with a larger operation we have it all in Pitt Meadows.

Value-added and secondary production opportunities are available in Pitt Meadows. Pitt Meadows is not only home to some of the largest blueberry and cranberry farms in British Columbia, but it is also home to a local fruit winery, a meat shop showcasing our local beef and a honey producer. If you’re interested in local food processing or setting up a large plant, Pitt Meadows is committed to maintaining our agrarian roots and growing our agri-food opportunities.

Agriculture has been an economic driver in Pitt Meadows for decades. Since the 1890’s, generations have been harvesting gold from our green acres. Pitt Meadows ranks sixth amongst British Columbia’s municipalities in terms of agricultural production value and we contribute 20 percent of BC’s overall blueberry production. Within the Greater Vancouver area, Pitt Meadows is the fourth largest agriculture producer. Over 4,000 hectares of land are farmed in the community, farm cash receipts are in excess of $60 million and over 1,500 people are employed by farming activities.

Farms and agri-food businesses in Pitt Meadows are within two days trucking time to over 40 million consumers in North America. Check out Pitt Meadows and find the new home for your agri-food business.

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