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The face of Pitt Meadows is ever-changing and improving. In addition to long-range planning matters, the City of Pitt Meadows’ Planning Department processes and analyzes the following development proposals:

  • Zoning Bylaw Amendment
  • Development Permit
  • Development Variance Permit
  • Subdivision
  • Land Use Contract Amendment
  • Official Community Plan Amendment
  • Temporary Commercial/Industrial Use Permit

For further planning information or to view or download planning information handouts, please visit the City’s website.


Development permits are required for construction work on all properties in the development permit areas identified in the Official Community Plan (OCP). This includes all commercial, industrial and multi-family developments.

The development permits process addresses landscaping, exterior character and the compatibility of new construction with existing development in the same area.

Development permit applications are reviewed by the Advisory Design Panel, which is a committee appointed by City Council. If the application conforms to the guidelines set out in the OCP, the panel will send the development proposal to Council with a recommendation for approval. If the application does not conform to the guidelines, the panel will ask for revisions.

Total Building Permit Values

YearValue ($000)

 Source: BC Stats


Research has indicated that the ideal median tax ratio (business to residential) is three to one. The City of Pitt Meadows’ current ratio is 3.18. Our Mayor and Council have shown commitment in closing the gap between the proportionate share of property tax paid by non-residential property classes and that of its residential property class.

City of Pitt Meadows 2012 Tax Rates

  • Residential (Class 1) – 3.6027
  • Business (Class 6) – 11.4460
  • Tax Ratio – 3.18

Business Licenses

Every business in the City of Pitt Meadows is required to have a valid business license before commencing operations. This includes:

  • Home-based businesses
  • Commercial and industrial establishments
  • Owners of apartment rental properties
  • Businesses that are not located in the community but carry-out work in Pitt Meadows (i.e. contractors, consultants and tradespeople).

Please visit the City of Pitt Meadows’ website for complete business licensing information.

Business Permits

Whether you’re making small improvements, undergoing substantial renovations or building a new structure, changes made to commercial and business buildings require a permit.

Please visit the City of Pitt Meadows’ website for complete business permit information.

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