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By air, rail, road and river, Pitt Meadows offers every major mode of transportation to ship goods quickly and efficiently to market. Pitt Meadows is perfectly positioned to provide easy access to surrounding markets. We are home to the  CP Rail Intermodal yard and we 45 minutes from two international airports, 45 minutes from Deltaport and less than 30 minutes from three US border crossings. Business in Pitt Meadows makes sense for companies that rely on quick and convenient access to market.


Pitt Meadows has balanced its land base with a mix of residential, agricultural, commercial and industrial designated land. This careful mix provides a broad range of industry opportunities in Pitt Meadows. From light manufacturing and agricultural production and processing to tourism, Pitt Meadows has it all. The community offers over 9,515 hectares of opportunity. Pitt Meadows makes sense whether you’re looking to develop a business park or a recreation opportunity. We have great natural amenities, great access to transportation networks and located in the heart of the Lower Mainland.

Cost of Operating

Pitt Meadows is proud to offer affordable options. Whether you’re looking to purchase land or lease space we have a range of opportunities available to match various needs and price points. Commercial lease rates range from $12-$30 a square foot and housing prices average $250,000 for an attached home and $550,000 for a single-family home. Taxation is competitive with the most recent residential mill rate at 3.4738 and industrial mill rate at 11.6567. Land development in Pitt Meadows is also competitive with some of the most affordable rates in the Lower Mainland and access to a host of construction professionals. When you operate in BC you can also count on reliable, low cost power from BC Hydro. When you choose to operate in Pitt Meadows you do so at a location you can be proud of and at a price you can afford.


Pitt Meadows’ diverse economy offers unlimited business opportunities in traditional and emerging sectors. Pitt Meadows’ potential market area includes Metro Vancouver (estimated population 2,375,000 million in 2010) as well as the Fraser Valley Regional District (estimated population 275,000) – now that’s an opportunity to get excited about!

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