Pitt Meadows is only a quick two hour flight from Hollywood, USA so it is no wonder the Greater Vancouver region is the third largest film production area in North America. Pitt Meadows is located just outside Vancouver’s studio zone, so production companies that film in Pitt Meadows are eligible for the regional tax credit.

The City of Pitt Meadows welcomes the film industry to enjoy our many assets and our quality of life. We support the use of our facilities by commercial and non-commercial film companies and photographers for both moving and still photography. Pitt Meadows offers a wide range of filming locations. From the pristine waters of North America’s largest tidal lake to a fast paced urban centre with a unique heritage area, this small yet progressive community boasts an astonishing array of locations to match your many filming needs.

Permits are required for location filming on streets or property under the jurisdiction of the City of Pitt Meadows, except for current affairs and newscasts.

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