Keeping Your Business & Community Safe Series

In this 7 part series our partners at Ridge Meadows RCMP will share Business Crime Prevention Tips prepared by the British Columbia Crime Prevention Association.


Staff Supervision

*Train staff to be vigilant and have regular meetings to reinforce attentiveness

*Have a staff member greet customers; shoplifters do not want to be noticed

*Assign a staff member to monitor fitting rooms closely

*Have staff members staple receipts to the outside of shopping bags

Be Aware of Shoplifting Behaviour

*Watch for customers with heavy clothing or who leave large bags on the floor when they are looking at merchandise

*Require customers to leave backpacks etc. at the entrance

*Watch for shoplifters working in pairs

Keeping Merchandise Safe

*Keep easily stolen items near the cash register

*Maximize your staff’s visibility of merchandise from the cash register

*Install mirrors in corners or install closed circuit television (CCTV) or a digital recorder (DVR)

*Secure back rooms and storage areas

*Display anti-theft signage – “Shoplifters will be prosecuted”

Stay tuned for the next tips on how to prevent Business Fraud.

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