manufacturing and eco-industries

Pitt Meadows is the natural place to invest and the natural place for clean manufacturing and eco-industry development. We are home to several headquarter offices, research and development companies and manufacturing companies. We are also a growing hot spot for eco-industries such as the home office for a larger international wireless company as well as several small green product development and service companies.

In Pitt Meadows we have manufacturing companies in the following industries: wireless communications, metal finishing, mould making, avionics, agri-food processing, roofing materials and milling. With over 200 acres of industrial land available and over 300 acres of airport business park land available, Pitt Meadows is emerging as a hot spot for manufacturing businesses of all sizes.

Whether you are looking to grow your operations with a new location or start up a new business, Pitt Meadows will have the space for you.

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