what makes a ‘good fit’ company

There are many reasons to choose Pitt Meadows to start-up or expand your business. Lifestyle and location rise to the top among our existing business owners; however, we encourage you to find out for yourself.

At the , we believe your company is a Good Fit if you value the following:

  • A Balanced Lifestyle – The ability to live and play in an abundance of beautiful outdoor spaces all within 10 minutes from your place of business is a reality in Pitt Meadows.
  • Efficient Transportation Networks – Whether the majority of your customer base is located in Vancouver, Kelowna, Toronto, Chicago or Beijing, Pitt Meadows’s multi-modal transportation network allows you to transport your goods and services to market quickly and efficiently.
  • A Diverse and Inclusive Business Community – Start-ups or global expansions, one employee or 500 employees, believes in a diverse and inclusive business environment that maximizes the positive synergies between businesses.
  • A Client-Centred, Supportive Environment – We stand by our mission to create an inspiring, client-centred environment where business is vibrant and entrepreneurs create legacies.
  • A Forward Thinking Business Community – The City of Pitt Meadows’s tagline is “The Natural Place” and both the City and take this seriously. We are very keen to work with forward-thinking companies that consider the impact their business has on the environment.
  • Choice – Whether it’s commercial, retail, office or industrial space that you’re looking for, Pitt Meadows is one of few communities in Metro Vancouver that offers a variety of location choices.

All of us at the are keen to provide connections with the right people and resources to assist you with your start-up or to help your business grow. Give us a call today!

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